7+ Personal Care DIYs for Men

Sometimes in the world of DIY & Pinterest, it feels like everything is geared toward women and the men get left making all of the things that the women want. How about we do some DIYs for our guys? These personal care DIYs for men are just what they never knew they always wanted!

8+ DIY Cleaners For Any Floor In Your House

Everyone loves to have a sparkling clean floor, right? But does everyone love the actual cleaning that makes it happen? Probably not. But since it needs to be done, try these all natural cleaners for any floor in your house!

9+ Amazingly Delicious Blender Muffins to Try Right Now

Ok, let’s make some muffins. First of all, pull out 25 bowls and utensils plus all of your ingredients… hold up! Scratch that. All you need is a blender, a spatula and measuring utensils to make these delicious blender muffins! You won’t regret it!

Essential Oil Hacks

So we know that essential oils can make our houses smell amazing and even lift our spirits, but their uses go even further. With these essential oil hacks, you’ll get even more uses out of your essential oils than you ever thought you could.

Thieves Essential Oil DIY Cleaning Wipes

Do you love cleaning? If you answered yes, then I have a great DIY for you! If you answered no, then I have a great DIY for your kids! LOL No worries about the kids handling harmful chemicals with these awesome DIY thieves essential oil cleaning wipes.

6+ Recipes That Include Activated Charcoal

So we already know how amazing activated charcoal can be in personal care DIYs. The charcoal is great at taking impurities out of our bodies. But did you ever think to add activated charcoal to your food? Not only does it make foods look pretty cool, it can be very beneficial to your health.

6+ DIY Face Serums That’ll Make Your Face Glow

Our faces sure do take a lot of work. We’ve got to wash them, scrub them, put masks on them, put lotion on them and add natural makeup to them. And now we’re adding serums to the mix. But I think when you’re done making these face serums, the glow on your face will feel […]

10+ Salves to Make for Any Ailment

Salve… it’s such a funny word. Why is that L in there anyway? No matter how it sounds, these salves could be life changing for you. These salves are great to make for any ailment that you might have.

8+ Essential Oil DIY Sprays to Make Your House Smell Awesome

Sure we want our houses to have a clean smell to them all of the time, right? But sometimes you just need a quick fix to get the house smelling good in between cleanings. Diffusing oils in your house is a great way to get things smelling really nice. But there are some times when […]