8+ On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes to Make Mornings Easier

Are school mornings crazy for anyone else or is it just my house?! If so, you probably don’t want to worry about cooking a 4-course breakfast! Try making some of these on-the-go breakfast options so you can dash out the door while still filling bellies with delicious, real food options.  

9+ Brilliant Kombucha Flavors You’ll Be Crushing On

We all know that kombucha is oh so good for us, right? But sometimes the taste of it plain can be a bit, how shall I say, unpleasant! But with some of these amazing flavored kombucha recipes, I think you’ll develop a new found love for the fizzy, gut-loving drink!

12 Epic Cauli-Rice Recipes You Must Make

Cauliflower rice (or cauli-rice for short) is a great low carb alternative to white or brown rice when you’re trying to cut the grains! These amazing cauli-rice options will satisfy any craving you might have!

7+ Insanely Clever Meal Prep Bowls to Make

Meal prepping is all the rage these days! What could be better than cooking once for at least 4 different meals?! These amazing meal prep bowls will save you so much time, you’ll finally be able to sit on the couch and eat bon-bons!

10+ Hacks For Your Instant Pot That’ll Blow Your Mind

Sure you can cook an amazing meal in a fraction of the time with your Instant Pot. But did you know the Instant Pot has many more tricks up its sleeve? Well, with these awesome Instant Pot hacks, you’ll get more bang for your buck out of this amazing little gadget!

10+ Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

So we all know that we can freeze cooked casseroles and uncooked freezer meals, but did you know you can freeze foods individually for easy meal prep during the week? Here are some foods you might not have thought to freeze, but I bet you’ll start now!