Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

There are so many smells that evoke thoughts of Christmas, right? Gingerbread cookies baking in the oven, the amazing smell of the Christmas tree, peppermint candy canes and on and on. Why not bring those smells to your house every day of the Christmas season with these Christmas essential oil diffuser blends! Before we start […]

6+ Essential Oil Must Haves for School

Ahhh school… a time for learning amazing new things. And also a time for catching every germ known to man! But with these essential oil must haves for school, you and your kiddos will be good to go! Of course, before you begin to make these back to school essential oil DIYs, make sure you’re […]

Essential Oil Hacks

So we know that essential oils can make our houses smell amazing and even lift our spirits, but their uses go even further. With these essential oil hacks, you’ll get even more uses out of your essential oils than you ever thought you could.

10+ Salves to Make for Any Ailment

Salve… it’s such a funny word. Why is that L in there anyway? No matter how it sounds, these salves could be life changing for you. These salves are great to make for any ailment that you might have.

The Ultimate Essential Oil Supply List

So you’ve got your Young Living essential oil premium starter kit, right? You do, right? If not, go ahead and get one. I’ll wait. If you’re like me, you don’t want things to end with just the starter kit. And you also probably want to #makeallthethings! If so, check out all of these fun supplies […]

Diffuser Blends That’ll Make Your House Smell Amazing

So we all know that essential oils have amazing therapeutic benefits, right? And we all know that essential oils can help us stay above the wellness line, right? But sometimes we just want to use essential oils to make things smell good, right? Right! Try out these diffuser blends that will make your house smell amazing!

Summertime Diffuser Blends

No matter the temperature outside, you can have summer in your house when you diffuse these amazing summer blends of essential oils! These summertime diffuser blends will have you relaxing on the beach… even if it’s just in your mind!

5+ Genius Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to Make With Your Starter Kit

So you bought a Young Living starter kit… now what? One of the easiest ways to use your starter kit is to diffuse the oils in the diffuser that came with the kit. But sometimes just diffusing one oil at a time can be a bit boring. Try out these diffuser blends made only with […]

8 Ways to Use Bentonite Clay That’ll Surprise You

Oh bentonite clay… how we love you for your versatility and amazing health benefits! Some of these DIYs using bentonite clay might just surprise you! From your face to your teeth and even to your armpits, your body will love you after you make these DIY personal care recipes.