5+ Candles You Should Make Today

Kick those B&BW, Scentsy and Yankee candles to the curb! Make these amazing DIY candles and your family will love you for it! Store bought candles are probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to inviting toxins into our homes, so skip the yuck and find out how easy it can be to […]

Diffuser Blends That’ll Make Your House Smell Amazing

So we all know that essential oils have amazing therapeutic benefits, right? And we all know that essential oils can help us stay above the wellness line, right? But sometimes we just want to use essential oils to make things smell good, right? Right! Try out these diffuser blends that will make your house smell amazing!

7+ Insanely Delicious Chicken Freezer Meals

Is there anything better than having dinner already made and ready to go for you? No, no there isn’t! So go ahead and get these chicken freezer meals made so you don’t have to worry about dinner!

6+ DIY Lotions Your Face Will Thank You For

Does it ever feel like your skin is a continual guessing game? You never know what going to do happen with it from day to day. Am I right? Hopefully some of these DIY lotions will help you be able to figure out what your face is going through at any given moment!

Summertime Diffuser Blends

No matter the temperature outside, you can have summer in your house when you diffuse these amazing summer blends of essential oils! These summertime diffuser blends will have you relaxing on the beach… even if it’s just in your mind!

10+ Pantry Items You Didn’t Know You Could Make

When making the switch to real food, many people think they just need to buy “organic” versions of their current favorite foods. But what if you could make a lot of those foods yourself? You’re in control of the ingredients; what could be better?

5+ Amazing Face Masks to Try Right Now

Feeling stressed? Surely you have plenty of time to book several spa days to combat that stress, right? Right?! If not, try making one (or maybe all) of these DIY face masks to help soothe your stress!

5+ Genius Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to Make With Your Starter Kit

So you bought a Young Living starter kit… now what? One of the easiest ways to use your starter kit is to diffuse the oils in the diffuser that came with the kit. But sometimes just diffusing one oil at a time can be a bit boring. Try out these diffuser blends made only with […]