5+ Amazing Face Masks to Try Right Now

Feeling stressed? Surely you have plenty of time to book several spa days to combat that stress, right? Right?! If not, try making one (or maybe all) of these DIY face masks to help soothe your stress!

5+ Genius Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to Make With Your Starter Kit

So you bought a Young Living starter kit… now what? One of the easiest ways to use your starter kit is to diffuse the oils in the diffuser that came with the kit. But sometimes just diffusing one oil at a time can be a bit boring. Try out these diffuser blends made only with […]

8+ On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes to Make Mornings Easier

Are school mornings crazy for anyone else or is it just my house?! If so, you probably don’t want to worry about cooking a 4-course breakfast! Try making some of these on-the-go breakfast options so you can dash out the door while still filling bellies with delicious, real food options.  

11+ Essential DIYs for a Non-Toxic Kitchen

Maybe you’ve cleaned up the food in your kitchen… but have you cleaned up the other items in your kitchen? Below you’ll find some DIYs that will give you a non-toxic kitchen!

11+ Castile Soap DIYs for Amazing Skin

I think that castile soap might just be the most versatile natural product out there! It can clean your house and clean your body amazingly well. Today we’re going to focus on it’s ability to leave our skin feeling amazing!

7+ DIY Hair Care Products You’ll Wish You’d Made Sooner

Natural hair care can be so hard sometimes! Even the more natural hair care options can still have questionable ingredients in them. So skip the hair salon and try out these DIY hair care products! Your hair will love you very, very soon!

8+ Household Products You’ll Never Have to Buy Again

Give toxins the heave-ho from your house with these amazing DIY household products! You’ll never need to buy their name brand versions again! You’ll be amazed at the things you can make yourself. You’ll also probably be amazed at how much better your family feels after getting the toxic cleaners out of your house!

9+ Brilliant Kombucha Flavors You’ll Be Crushing On

We all know that kombucha is oh so good for us, right? But sometimes the taste of it plain can be a bit, how shall I say, unpleasant! But with some of these amazing flavored kombucha recipes, I think you’ll develop a new found love for the fizzy, gut-loving drink!

5+ Thieves Cleaning DIYs for Anyone With a Home

If you’ve got a home, most likely you need to clean it! Instead of using harsh chemicals that make your lungs feel like they’re shriveling up, try cleaning with no bad ingredients… like thieves cleaning products. These thieves cleaning DIYs will have your house sparkling in no time!