6+ DIY Face Serums That’ll Make Your Face Glow

Our faces sure do take a lot of work. We’ve got to wash them, scrub them, put masks on them, put lotion on them and add natural makeup to them. And now we’re adding serums to the mix. But I think when you’re done making these face serums, the glow on your face will feel […]

10+ Salves to Make for Any Ailment

Salve… it’s such a funny word. Why is that L in there anyway? No matter how it sounds, these salves could be life changing for you. These salves are great to make for any ailment that you might have.

8+ Household Products You’ll Never Have to Buy Again

Give toxins the heave-ho from your house with these amazing DIY household products! You’ll never need to buy their name brand versions again! You’ll be amazed at the things you can make yourself. You’ll also probably be amazed at how much better your family feels after getting the toxic cleaners out of your house!